Renewable Energy and Water Desalination are a Moral Commitment for the Prosperity of our Children and Grandchildren ........................... we shall leave a Clean and Healthy Planet for them

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Damascus Declaration Click

Speech of German Federal Minister of Environment Sigmar Gabriel to the Conference  English   Deutsch

Speech of former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to the conference English

Dr. Mohamed El Ashry, Chairman of the REN21 Bureau and former Chairman of GEF, discussing with Ministers

Click here to download conference outcomes (PDF)  English 130 kB   Arabic 120 kB
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Here is a selection of  speeches  held at the conference, of which the authors gave their permission to publish:

Dr. Franz Trieb: Concentrating Solar Power for Seawater Desalination  Paper  (882 kB)  Preseta. (990 kB)

Martin Schoepe: Policy and Development of Renewable Energies in Germany  Presentation 630 kB

Dr. Hani El Nokraschy: Renewable Energy Partnership EU - MENA  Paper 700 kB    Present. 500 kB
if you like to have an explanation to CSP click here  to down load animation in PowerPoint (600 kB)

Ammar Al Taher: MEDENER, Platform for North-South & South-South Technology Transfer  Present. 94 kB

Dr. Anca-Diana Barbu: Strengthening cooperation between EU and MENA  Paper 150 kB    Present. 150 kB

Dr. Michael Mobin Meskal: Biomass as a Source of Renewable Energy & its Impact on the Air Quality Paper  Present.

Dr. Alexandros Flamos: CDM in MENA countries; Strengths, Weaknesses & Opportunities Paper(850 kB) Pres.
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  Damascus view from mountain, L1000010
  View on Damascus, Sheraton Hotel (conference venue) in the top right corner, L1000013
  Inner yard of the famous Omayyad Mosque, L1000024
  Richly decorated Mihrab in Omayyad Mosque, L1000028
  Grave of St. John the Baptist (Arabic: Yahya) inside the Omayyad Mosque, L1000032
  Decorations on water reservoir at Omayyad Mosque, L1000042
  Old city of Damascus, just outside the Hamideyya Bazar, L1000051
  St. Anania's House & Church, L1000076
  In restaurant "Zeus" in the old city of Damascus, L1000081
A Mosque and a Church near one of the ports of old Damascus, L1000083
Former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Dr. Hani Nokraschy at the reception, PICT4883
  Ammar Al Taher and Dr. Franz Trieb discussing the conference programme, L1000086
  Dr. Basel Al Yousefy, representaive of UNEP, opening the conference, L1000092
  Guests of openning Ceremony 21 June 2007, L1000099
  From left Minister Khaled Al Shureideh and Dr. Basel Al Yousefy chairing Session A2, L1000113
Dinner on 21 June, Minister Dr. Hassan Younes and Minister Dr. Ahmed Khaled Al Ali, L1000121
Dinner on 21 June, from left Dr. H. Nokraschy - Prof. M. Weiter - Eng. Samir Hassan, L1000123
Prof. Dr. Adel Khalil, Cairo University, and Spouse, L1000124
Ministers Khaled Al-Shureida and Ahmed Khaled Al-Ali, dinner 23 June, L1000130
Anssar Al Rawas explaining her vision to Minister Khaled Al Shureideh, L1000132
View from hotel restaurant on the ancient city of Palmyra, L1000141
  Conference participants visit the ancient city of Palmyra, L1000149
  Climbing to the temple of "BEL" (Baal) 1st century, L1000151
  Top part of entrance portal, fallen down by earth quake, L1000152
  A rare picture of the decoration at the bottom of the stone illustrated above, L1000166
  Sun set in Palmyra, the photograph was lucky to capture this moment, L1000158
  Colomns in Palmyra, L1000163
  Closing Ceremony on 24 June 2007, L1000173

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