Renewable Energy and Water Desalination are a Moral Commitment for the Prosperity of our Children and Grandchildren ........................... we shall leave a Clean and Healthy Planet for them

Unfortunately the conference web site does not exist any more

Inroduction Film   فيلم المقدمة

DESERTEC Foundation - Hani Nokraschy's presentatiom of the concept in Workshop 4   Presentation

ACWA POWER - Reda CHAAR presenting

German Federal Ministry for Environment - Ellen von Zitzewitz & Martin Schoepe

After the Conference

Ministers at MENAREC 5

RCREEE - Fatma Mostafa & MoEE - Mohamed Mousa Omran (Egypt)

World Bank - Jonathan Walters  Parts of Speach

Ministry of Electricity, Morocco - Abdel-Rehim Al-Hafidi


League of Arab States Jamila Matar and Dii Paul van Son