Renewable Energy and Water Desalination are a Moral Commitment for the Prosperity of our Children and Grandchildren ........................... we shall leave a Clean and Healthy Planet for them

الفريق العلمي لدراسة الماجستير "ريمينا" ينعى مؤسس الدراسة الأستاذ الدكتور يورجن شميدت

 ويذكر له الفضل في غرس هذه البذرة التي نمت و أتت ثمارها

The REMENA team announces with sadness that the founder and promoter of the Master's Cours REMENA has passed

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  Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for the MENA Region
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3rd Group with Advisory Board at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
30 Oct. 2011  Higher Resolution

Students of the second Group 2010 (full resolution)

REMENA Students in Kuraymat, Egypt 12 Oct. 2010

On 11 October 2009 start of the first course was celebrated in Cairo
Students of the first Group 2009

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